Wings Of The Storm

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On an' on, the road goes on, an' it'll go on forever
Time will show if you an' I will walk that road together
Through fire an' water, ice an' snow
Heaven above us an' Hell below
Holding on trying to walk the line, W
ith sweet temptation running close behind
I'm talking 'bout love...oooh, love...

Like a fire forever burning,
A flaming heart that's yearning more an' more
A love to keep us warm
On the wings of the storm

Every day and every night,
I keep hoping it'll be alright
Trying to leave the past behind
Still looking for some peace of mind
But destiny brought us together
And promised a time that would last forever
Though it's all been said before,
It's the kind of love worth fighting for
I'm talking 'bout love...ooh, love...


(repeat verse one and chorus)
My love will keep you warm on the wings of the storm

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