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Death to the lifeless, befall the death of their line
consumed with absurdity, it will all be taken within time
created to be desolate, a new way of life begins anew
distorted daylight, its darkness will reach the few
combined catastrophe, the mindless soul dead
born in the grave, a wretched life force-fed
ex-sanguinary empowerment, now gains the insane
usurping the chosen, destruction will now reign
We are all delusions in the eyes of God

I am a perfect mask of pain
the violence of the poison twists my limbs
it deforms me, it knocks me over, look how the fire rises again!
They can't hear me, they're ghosts
don't come nearer, I smell like burnt
climb toward the final burst
I'm loosing hope, I wish for death
I am drowning in an amniotic liquid
a neverending whirlpool is dragging me down
my wings are melting and merging with plastic
I'm a nest in flames: I am burning

He sits down with holy fears and waters the ground with tears
then humility takes its root underneath his foot
Soon spreads the dismal shade of mystery over his head
and the caterpillar and the fly feed on the mystery
And it bears the fruit of deceit ruddy and sweet to eat
and the raven his nest has made in its thickest shade
The Gods of the earth and sea sought through nature to find this tree
but their search was all in vain there grows one in the human brain