Aaron Tippin

You Gotta Start Somewhere

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ever since that night you walked out
I just ain't been the same ol' me
I've barely had the strength
to leave the couch to turn on my tv

but a man can't hide away forever
and last night I finally told me so
I knew I had to get out
but I knew I had to take it slow

so I burned down this town
a honky tonk at a time
I got loud and checked out
every cute little cowgirl I could hold
getting over you is still a long ways away
I swear
Last night was one small step
but you gotta start somewhere
think I feel a little better
a little more like the man I used to be
I ain't saying that I'm there yet
but I can see some possibilities
when your motor ain't been fired up lately
you can't just jam it in gear and go
I know I'm still not up to speed
but last night I had to test the road

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