You Talkin' To Me?

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If i say you´re a whore
I´d say yeah, come and feel my tits
It´s time to go
I think you´re freaking out again
If i say you ain´t clever
Ain´t been here long enough to know
I wanna cut your head off
Typical macho reaction
I´m really fed up, so fucking
Fed up, fed up with you
I don´t like you no more
Do you think i´m in love with you?
I think i had enough
Well, i didn´t have that much sex
Because you suck badly
You didn´t seem to think so last night
I can´t help it no more
What can you help?
I wanna be myself
I wanna be on my own
I hate your fucking friends,
Don´t want your love
I´m gonna kill you baby, you´re gonna die tonight
I´m gonna kill you baby now
Girl you should wash your cunt
Not for such a disgusting cock
But your stuff sucks more
Put your dick in your mouth and taste
I guess i´d do it better
That´s if you don´t get poisoned
Well, i just wanna poison you
It´s not that easy to kill me
I wanna be myself, i don´t want your control
I hate your fucking guts, i´m not your toy
You think i´m so in love, and i know you´re so wrong
You want me to be yours? go and fuck off