Vision of Disorder

Twelve Steps to Nothing

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Push it
You feel it, you feel sick
Kill yourself
Bleed the vein
The dogs are calling
The dogs are calling
My name through the trees
Confusion comes clear in the depths of the blur
Time can't save you, time won't spare you
I now it hurts, I know it burns
But someday you'll see
True faith absorbed the needle's plunge
Sister don't follow me
I walked down a road, now I will never leave
Push it, pull it, let the blood run over the skin
These tears, these tears are only revealing half the sin
9 to 5, to the bone, all your lives,
You're just killing time
Where to go?
So kill yourselves, bleed that vein, dogs are calling
Confusion will come to those who run

Writer/s: Vision of Disorder

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