Saint Etienne

21st Century Christmas

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The satellite's tracking Santa
We'll text our Christmas list
And leave our mobile numbers
To help out old Saint Nick
Sometimes we stop and wonder
Has that old bubble burst?
Or will this Christmas morning
Be like the first?

But tonight we'll still thank Santa Claus
And raise a glass to friends of ours
Peace on earth, goodwill to all
The future is the past

Let's have a slow light, snowball fight
Silent night, dynamite
21st century Christmas
Magic morn, tree adorned
All at home, safe from harm
21st century Christmas

We'll microwave some popcorn
And put on a DVD
Thanks Uncle Jimmy Saville
For fixing you and me
These days we watch and wonder
Has Christmas lost it's touch?
And will our chocolate money
Be worth that much?

Writer/s: Paul Brady / Ralph Murphy

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