New Model Army


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She stares at the screen
At the little words of green
Tries to remember what to do next
There's a trace of frustration
That across her face
Searching for the key she should press
And I would help her
If I only know how
But these things are a mystery to me too
And it seems that the corporate

Eyes they are watching
She fears for her job
And the moments are passing
I stare at her nametag
And think to myself
Both you and I, we never asked
For any of this

So let's take a walk
Up past the chemical works
Where the sky turns green at night
And we'll talk about

Getting away from here
Some difference kind of life
But even in the freshest mountain air
The jet fighters practise overhead
And they're drilling these hills
For uranium deposits
And they'll bury the waste
For our children to inherit
And though this is all done
For our town benefit, I swear
We never asked for any of this

This golden age of communication
Means everyone talks at the same time
And liberty just means
Some freedom to exploit
Any weakness that you can find
Well turn off the TV just for a while
Let us whisper to eachother instead
And we'll hope that the Corporate ears
Do not listen

Lest we find ourselves committing
Some kind of treason
And filed in the tapes
Without rhyme, without reason
While they tell us that it's all
For our own protection, I swear
We never asked for any of this

Writer/s: Justin Sullivan / Robert Heaton

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