Magne Furuholmen

2cU Shine

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All i wanted was 2cu shine
And to be there when u did
All i wanted was a hand in mine
I had a place where it would fit
I always wondered what was in your head
The way u read my mind
Always wondered what was never said
Each and every time


In every word we wrote in every line
There was a desperate note
We had a contract but never signed
I couldn't get your vote

U saw the sadness
In these eyes
That no-one ever sees
The bruises hidden here behind the smile
A kind of stiff unease


Just when i couldn't get you out of my mind
You start to back away
I always wondered baby one more time
It wouldn't hurt would it?


I wanna see you shine
I wanna see you shine
Wanna see you shine
I never see you shine

All i wanted was 2cu shine

Writer/s: Magne Furuholmen

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