Lowest Of The Low

4 O'Clock Stop

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I don't know why
You won't leave me alone
Keep your mind off of me
And keep your fingers away from the phone

I won't return your kiss
And sometimes ignorance is bliss
Oh, i can't handle this

It's alright for you
It doesn't make you an asshole
It's alright for me
My life circles around it though

And i shouldn't close your eyes
And kiss each one a thousand times
Yeah, if my heart lies

I was standing minding my own
Business, when you came up and
Decided you'd mind it for me
With a short list of small demands
And a five gallon pail of sinking sand
That you assured me i could take or leave

But it never seems to work that way
It seems there's always so much more to say
And it's always somewhere in between
True or not it's a four o'clock stop

Before i die, i would like to see you smile

My heart is dressed in black
And her heart is dressed in green
'cause you're so beautiful in blue
And every fuckin' colour in between

But rainbows are for skies
And hesitation is for sad regretful eyes
And long goodbyes

Writer/s: Ronnie Hawkins

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