Tim Barry

5 Twenty 5

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Can it be that I'm just nervous
And you've just given up
Is it too much to ask for a little honesty here
We've been friends since we've woke up to
Cookie cutter houses grown on every lot
Property tax going up, wages not
Can it be that I'm just nervous
And you've just given up

We've got coffee on every corner
And phones with clash ringtones
Making 8 bucks and hour
Paying 800 to rent alone
The television is blinking in every room in the home
Commute getting longer
Car payments over due
Can it be that I'm just nervous
And you just do what you've got to do

We're walking dogs without leashes
Past parked cars and busy streets
Next to no trespass signs
Blocking fields of perfect green
It's the same old sinking feeling
That you don't know what it means
But you feel like something is missing
Man you sure feel incomplete
I figure I'm just getting nervous
And you're content just to leave it be

We feel no connection to our families
And our friends they're really friends
We get together on holidays
And on occasional weekends
Playing with commitments
Proving useless in the end
What's the point of always smiling
To help others finds content
You may say I'm getting nervous
I feel like I'm fucking caving in

Writer/s: Tim Barry