John Taylor

6000 Miles

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6000 miles
Across fields and mountains
Deserts and oceans
Between me and you

6000 miles
It's time to release us
The distance between us
To bring me to you

You and I
Are kept apart for the long ride
By circumstances we can't hide
Or try

Minutes get turned into hours
And hours get turned into heartache
And Time

Hey girl
What's it got to do with you
Hey girl
All the things we're going through

Where's the love with happy endings
We have learned to come to terms with

(repeat chorus)

Here I am
Feeling the heat of the summer
You're putting up with your winter

The longer you're gone I get colder
And I know that I'm getting older

Hey girl
What the hell's the news with you

Hey girl
Tell me all that you've been through
On and on and on and on
On and on and on and on and on