Marika Hackman


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I found a little plot annotateof land in the garden of eden
It was dirt and dirt is all the same
I tilled it with my two hands and I called it my very own
There was no one to dispute my claim
Well you'd be shocked at the state of things
The whole place had just cleared right out
It was hotter than hell so I lay me by a spring
For a spell as naked as a trout

Meet me in the garden of eden bring a friend
We are going to have ourselves a time
We are going to have a garden party it's on me
No siree it's my dime
We broke our hearts in the war between
Saint george and the dragon
But both in equal parts are welcome to come along
I'm inviting everyone

Farewell to loves that I have known
Even muddy as waters run
But I believe in innocence
Little darling start again
I believe in everyone