8 Years Of Aggravation & Boisterous Eastern Oi!

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It all started when we were kids
And now we stand proud on our own feet
We were so young when we started the band
Always dream to have the world in our hands
We`ve always ended up in aggravation
Couldn`t handle any troubled situations
It`s only aggravation and boisterous Oi!
That have changed us to mens from
The world of boys

We`ve learned a lot from what we did on yesterday
We got to use more brains than boots
Coz` it`s a better way
We got to lives our live and
We got to make it brighter day
Those 8 years of ours just seem like yesterday

8 years of aggravation and
Boisterous estern Oi!

Now today is another day
We still don`t care of what people say
Stand in ground as we face on fear
Never betreat, never surrender!

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