Mac Lethal

Absolutely Nowhere

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When autumn burns black
So many people find their shell or often turn back
They're scared as hell
They might as well be silent
Pluckin bloody feathers outta angels
I'm cleanin out my shotgun with my cocaine on the coffee table
Well this is me, I'm here
I'm full of jokes, I'm full of vodka, full of bleeding tears
I wanna leave in fear of failure
They're tellin me that laughter isn't sappy
I'm clueless on my purpose but I'm happily unhappy
It's a gamble
With sexual prowess on my card's face
There's two perfect breasts on the top of every heart shape
Open my cigar case, thumb through all the vices
Inhale the cold smoke, pungent full of crisis
The blood'll make the dawn red
Scrub away the cobwebs
Barrels lubricated on my gun
No, I'll never hold my tongue
Welcome to my strange world
Our relationship's begun

I'll take you on a journey into absolutely nowhere

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