Accidental Murder

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Accidental murder

Alarms system´s off
Realize tests of unit four
Temperature rises
More than the expected
Chernobyl blows up and burns
Spreading the radioactive ghost
The most dreadful nulclear attack

And pastureland affected
Winds carry the murdering cloud
Full of cesium 137
200 kgs of mercury
And tons of chemical agent
Join the rhine´s waters

Due to the accidental burning
Of the chemic industry sandoz
Toxic rejections from ciba ceijy
With 2 tons of acetic from basf

The flows of the river are dead
Failure of sets and systems
The man can´t control
His possession
And we´ll all go into the same hole

Accidents like these
The natural life decreases
The pleasure about life runs out
Weren´t prepared
For this desert life

Writer/s: Paulo Beco Flávio