You and I


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We speak in whispers, in dreams,
one brief moment when our thoughtless hands
could touch and the bridges we burned could rebuild once again, but i know i won't escape, too many words fail to be silent, i wish you would speak so then i wouldn't have to,
stars fall quicker than hearts breaking, and standing deaf with no light impairs my vision, this skin
wrapped tightly, tightly to the bone, words constrict tighter in my throat, time moves too slow for this,
i can't keep up with you, i wish i could speak to you instead of dreaming, words don't (no time to quite our stations), fit the world so why speak (vigilance over tired eyes), when all is silent, forever in silence, ( fall asleep is to slip),
a chance(through mile cracks of social disguise), do you see what i mean, these words fall like wishes from skies torn and bleeding, incessant heartattacks, stars fall quicker than hearts breaking,
but i know i won't escape, the sometimes that's enough, maybe i read too much fiction because i'm still dreaming of going back to you (i never thought i'd have to say these words to you my friend)
Somewhere i never wanted to go (those days of you and i against the world came to an end), dream,(sometimes i see your face and i cannot hide the pain i have) of going back to you (those days went by so fast),
somewhere i never wanted to go, ( they took my breath, they took the life out of me), you wanted, you needed, you took it away from me, you never said it, never said it, but it's too late for her.