Addict To The Disease

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Sucking life like leeches plaguing life's innocent
The new god rarely teaches no son has he sent
I'm a man now fearing from the past
As reality falls to the brain
I see the world now crying for the last and the man never came
Diversified constraints compel the freedom of the living bait
Welcome the hush
They spawn their likened destiny to joys of dying they create
Silence breaks their inert hearts
Massacres from early on depress the inbred caring songs
The feelings drain
And lifeblood only flows as long as you can learn to turn them
And caring sinks slowly in this loss
Of everything once needed
Of everything i am
Lies, this lie was all we shared
Yes mine are the same
Live the life
Addict to the disease
Live the life
Apathetic needs
Habitual apathy
Habitual apathy
So this is how we've grown
So this we need now to survive so this our pleasure not to see
Bound to the pleasure not to feel anything