A Dead Silence

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Slowly your pain reaches to its peak
with the shame of suffering
Slowly your blinded life fades away
she's waiting for your waking up

Manipulated mind by the life
What she sees is what you live

You are subject to die!
Your life burns in a dead silence...

You're already tied up to your rope
What she hears is what you keep inside

Everything you ever expected from the life is yours
You're running so far
Far away from your life
Far away from your path

Lies / Fear / Your circle of life...
Every day happens the same
Ritual relentless
Every day happens the same
The spreading of the hate

A bitter torture in mind...

Walking with blinded eyes in a dead silence
The false impression is fooling you my friend

One more end of life for atv[?] false own vision
Another rope is now dancing...

Writer/s: Destinity