Bella Morte

A Dying World

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Standing high above the crawling wasted
Another day goes by and still we carry
Run another stretch of road that knows
no end
Watch the fires burn beneath the
blackened sky

Standing high above the crawling wasted
Look close as cities fall,
Stark white the bombs explode
And we carry on, and still the story
For there is no end, no shelter from
this age
Bright the running lights remind me of
my home
But blackened steel and bitter dust
still call my heart

Shadowed hands tight beneath the
blackened sky
Shadowed words hold true and
Nothing stands as strong before this
As life is so short and tomorrow might
not come for us
I will not fall, no pain can hold, and
still I have a smile

In a world decayed we walk against the
Watching as the past burns down, and
future builds a future bold
I live to breathe, to feel As real
for death looks on an ever changing

Writer/s: Bella Morte