Against Me!

A Joy In All I Can See

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All's quiet, except for this song.
So maybe while I'm not together I can feel like I'm not alone
And somewhere off in the distance, rapidly advancing, is an onslaught of sorts
Young sirens wail with a skewed sense of glory
And the lions in the cages roar at the memory of flight

And there's a joy, a joy in all I can see.
A joy, in every possibility.

And all around this is a great, great feeling
American rockets red-glared our most
Disgusting triumph
And in passing I am asked: do you believe in a god?"
I shrug off the answer and continue to get high in this terror of no explanation
I am looking for a faith
My panic is an only reason

And there's a joy, a joy in all I can see
A joy, in every possibility

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