Kids In Glass Houses

A God To Many Devils

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In the darkness there is light
In the silence there's a fight
So start a fire underneath the black tonight
Inside the flame, the heart is cold
Inside my veins, the blood runs gold
So catch the wind and let the rhythm guide you home
Take one last good look at me, i'm leaving
Take one last breath, just stay cool

Scream it
When my body is cold
Cover me in gold
Believe in what you're screaming

In the vacuum of your soul
Where the science takes its' toll
Don't let the truth stop you believing what's below
An infinity we'll never know
What is out of our control?
Don't let a poet tell you how the dice will roll
And does this still face, betray all its feelings?
Take one last breath - just stay cool

Scream it
My body is cold
Come dress me in gold
Believe in what you're screaming

Retreat, retreat
This is a different kind of love
Retreat, retreat
It celebrates the ending of
My body is cold cover me in gold
Retreat, retreat and celebrate the ending of gold blood.

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