Sawyer Brown

Ain't That Always the Way

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Jeany loved charlie with all of her might
But she missed the boy bad when he was working all night
Every day was the same but she wanted more
So Jeany took to leaving out of every door saying

Sometimes the wheels just start rollin'
Don't always know where you're goin'
May not leave you with a whole lot to say, yeah yeah
But baby ain't that always the way
Oh baby ain't that always the way
Reverend Jim was a preaching one night
He was a layin' his hands a just a little too tight
Folks didn't know that those streets made of gold
Were paved with there money
Jim headed down the road singing

Tommy practiced hard just to play the guitar
Gonna make a million dollars - gonna be a big star
He fell In love with Betty and that all changed
He's happy playin' his guitar out on the front porch swing singing


Writer/s: Gregg Hubbard / Mark Adam Miller / Mark Miller

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