Michael Monroe

Always Right

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I don't get too low
When everything goes wrong
I don't get too high
When everything's alright
I know i'm always safe
Tho' i don't play that way
I listen to my soul
And no one else

I'm always right
Even when i'm wrong
If i get lost
I know what's going on
I'm always right
Even when i'm wrong
I get protection from my soul

It's all about control
And intimidation
Centuries of hype
Designed to keep us dumb
Evolution postponed
Due to lack of interest
It's not what i believe
It's what i know

Drugs tryin' to use me
T.v. tryin' to faze me
Computers tryin' to program me
I'm not user friendly
All i've been told
Distorted information
Bits and pieces mixed up in my head

Writer/s: Michael Monroe

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