Sister Hazel

All About the Love

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Tell me everything that's on your mind
Tell me what the trouble is
And I'll make some time
You never seem to worry
About the things that you don't understand
Your cellophane window pane
Keeps the rainfall from coming in

It's all about the love
It's everything you've been thinking of
It's all about the love
So here's to you and here's to something new
Give it up for love
Cause it'll be enough for you

Show me everything you want to show
Tell me what the puzzle is
And where the pieces go
Candlelight, Barry White and
Candy apple screw top wine
Laughing like the world won't pay us no mind

Slow down
Have you looked at me lately
I've been standing around here waiting
Isn't it so fascinating
When loves in love with you

[Chorus: x2]

Writer/s: Ken Block

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