New Model Army

All Of This

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There's a sentry in a uniform
To watch the VIPs along the wall
Strategical discussions taking place
Behind the steel plated wall
The agents issue the statements
To the waiting press who circulate the words
Justification propaganda
Western foreign policy across the world

In the name of the people
All of this done in the name of the people

They read their books and study hard
Cigarettes lit in the claustrophobic gloom
West of the University Road
The world outside is ghost-like in the room
Frustrated and impatient and
Intelligence sharp and twisted like a child
Death is an aphrodiasiac now
The fuses on the table slowly wired

In the name of the people...

Hold me tight, hold me fast
Standing here on the wrong side
Of this bullet-proof glass
There are no questions left for us to ask

It's soldiers' night at the discotheque
Pick up a girl and drink to home afar
Spending money like water
On the watered drinks available at the bar
The ones who never were given much
Never asked much of anything in recall
But there's a black bag in the corner
And it doesn't belong to anyone here at all

In the name of the people...

Writer/s: Francesca Sullivan / Justin Sullivan / Robert Heaton

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