All Over The Map

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i've been taking my time, tryin to live wiser
i've been getting by just fine
i think of you now, a smile on my face
so much has changed me
where have you been? where are you living? how are you lately?
last time i heard things weren't so good with you and your sweetie

what's that you say? you're missin me?
sure nice to see you again

but you had me all over the map
and i never knew i had a chance
and now that i'm not free, you want me
but i can't give you that
cause i got a baby, someone who loves me

you are still lovely, lovely as can be
and i still care for you
but you know the rules
i would be a fool to give up a good thing
so i must be going sorry to say
i wish i could hang around

but its quite alright to keep it real and tell me how you feel
but i cannot say that i will stay

you had me…