Luther Allison

All the King's Horses

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All the king's horses
All the farmer's mules
They can't even stop you
From givin' me the blues

That's wrong
Little girl you are wrong
You got my mind messed up darlin'
You're gonna make me leave our happy home

All the truck drivers you know
All the taxi drivers that take you to the town
All the men you meet in the streets
I'm the only one that didn't let you down

That's wrong baby
Little girl that's wrong
You got my mind messed up baby
You gonna miss me when I'm gone

Whatca doing out there baby
Don't you know that's wrong
One morning you'll come home
And I'll be gone
Goin' back home
Way down in Arkansas
You know we got troubles baby
But I ain't gonna get in trouble with the law
I won't get in no trouble with no law baby

I'm in trouble with you babe
I guess it's because of what you do
Whoah baby I feel I'm in trouble with you
Goin' back home
Way back down in Arkansas
Said I got in trouble with you darlin'
But I swear I won't get in trouble with the law
I'm gonna get outa here

Writer/s: James Solberg / Luther Allison

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