All This Time

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This time yesterday I thought I was gonna die
Standing at the edge of my ordinary life
Now I'm looking far ahead I only see clear blue skies
I hope this feeling lasts me until the end of time

Now I don't see the things that bring me down like I used to (Noooo)
There were times we felt like giving up but we came through

All this time we've come a long long way
I've waited a lifetime for the day
I'm praying this moment's here to stay
All this time when every one else said I was wrong
You gave me a reason to be strong
You gave me the will to carry on
All this time.

You kissed my blues away
Now yesterday's far behind
And all these clouds of doubt have cleared around my mind
Now I'm looking far ahead and looking with brand new eyes
Well I can't see the future but I know it's looking bright

Never thought we could survive what we've come through
There were times we felt like giving up but we held true


It's like a second chance at life
So many people pass it by

Even try
With every battle that's been won
With every little thing I've done
What I couldn't see is now clear to me



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