Almost Immortal

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I cannot stay
Take the pain away, far away
You're domination cannot keep me down no more
Take it all away

Your words almost seemed immortal to me
And I beleived
But you deceived
All that would be forever now has changed so fast
Building this sandcastle wasn't made to last

Without love and Without our passion
I can live without your hands strangling me
I can live without you leave me be
Can I escape your immortality

Secretly, I wished that it was for eternity
I wished you knew what all this meant to me
But I could never be, really me
Strangely you're feeding on my insecurity
Your words have got me in captivity
And I could never be
Really me
Can't you see
That all these memories are haunting me
My empty eyes just see the misery
The world will move along,
Without me