Keaton Henson


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I know the West was won this way
But God, forgive the heartless way
We let
It all burn down

I know, I know you’re off on tour
Godspeed, my love
I’ll not be bored with all
The mess here now

I’ll allow
My heart to get over you now
Let yours take a generous bow
I’ll be fine

You’ll be alright

Come and see me in the morning
I’ll be in the sunrise
Hoping that its rays don’t
Burn a hole in my eyes
You know me, I worry
And always use some pity
Scared to do a session
If it’s in the city

You and I are monsters
We’ll not find another
Cannot be together
Lest we eat each other

Don’t make me leave

It’s been about a month
And I am eating badly
Still don’t cry
But I keep meaning to you

I hear the crowds adore you so
But I’m still here
I hope you know
Don’t talk to them 'bout me

My wounds are open to you see
But don’t take 'em seriously
I’ll be fine

And you’re more than alright

Come and meet me in the trenches
I’ll be taking cover
You can load the guns
And I’ll hide behind the others
Always been a coward
You can ask my friends
I hide inside for hours
Always had intense eyes

I think I am sick
But never can be certain
Still call up my mother
Hiding behind curtains

Don’t make me go
Don’t make me go outside

God knows what out there lies
I’m hoping I don’t die
After you

Writer/s: Keaton Henson

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