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When in time you come to find
That crap you bought can't ease your mind.
Burn it tonight
And share the warmth with someone you like.
Youth goes quick but here's a tip
Don't kill yourself over it.
There's more to life
Than our current physical design.

You don't need to learn everything the hard the way.
If your love is alright give it time, it'll be okay.

The easy way is here to stay
But eventually you'll have to pay.
You just can't live
If you haven't got a thing to give.

He's on shit, he just can't quit
And now he's doing time for it.
He's not that bad.
He ain't heavy he's my dad.

We're dangled carrots everyday from bed to the supermarket.
Faced with such a strange test.
That paranoia will destroy you, so I'll go with it
And hope that Mother planted all the seeds I might need
To be Happy.