Grateful Dead


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I told althea I was feeling lost
Lacking in some direction
Althea told me upon scrutiny
My back might need protection

I told althea that treachery
Was tearin me limb from limb
Althea told me: Now cool down boy -
Settle back easy jim

You may be saturday's child all grown
Moving with a pinch of grace
You may be a clown in the burying ground
Or just another pretty face
You may be the fate of ophelia
Sleeping and perchance to dream -
Honest to the point of recklessness
Self centered to the extreme

Ain't nobody messin with you but you
Your friends are getting most concerned -
Loose with the truth
Maybe it's your fire
But baby...don't get burned
When the smoke has cleared, she said,
That's what she said to me:
You're gonna want a bed to lay your head
And a little sympathy

There are things you can replace
And others you cannot
The time has come to weigh those things
This space is getting hot -
You know this space is getting hot

I told althea
I'm a roving sign -
That I was born to be a bachelor -
Althea told me: Ok that's fine -
So now I'm out trying to catch her

Can't talk to me without talking to you
We're guilty of the same old thing
Talking a lot about less and less
And forgetting the love we bring

Writer/s: Félix Leclerc / Robert Hunter

Althea de Grateful Dead

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