An Ancient Splendour

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By the fierceness of scarlet shade
In an ancient twilight
Behold the shore in a glance of ruined parlour
Where candles promised infinite life
The coven of sorrow sea upon the brightless century
Shall open wide the desert sky
We could breath the perfumes of nocturnal flesh
We could watch these flames
...passion ravens
Hearken voices from the side beyond
And listening northern dearest gale
...being submit to the noctum's will
In our darkened eyes is a blaze reaching stars
...subconscious, obedient
These candles're riding fire
Pleased by the sirens from the visage of dreams
Shrouded like a grave
We're the Noctum's warriors
Mystic lords of dimness
Marvel tongue of spell to death
Gift from darkness
Like a monument
Touching the blaze from the burning sky
And rise above dominion mist
Let jewel crown of thorn sacrifices our dying souls
With the wisdom drop
...the wolves'll remember forevermore
I know that words are too isane to tell
Thus our former shape has died into the restless flames
Disdainful element
Never-ending anger
The birds never sing
Thus that moon is our only way to live
Ebony sweetness brought un condemnation
For evil's reign
Where Eden is never ending sin
In rapture
Through the midnight landscape
To feast
Behold the following seduction
Trapped in emotions of the ancient splendour
Across the fog and nightime leaves
The Noctum's eve...

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