The Klezmatics

I Take My Penny

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Oh, I take my penny,
And I go to the store,
And when I got back,
I was tired and sore.

Well, why am I tired?
And why am I sore?
Cause I didn’t get a thing,
That I went there for.

I take my penny to the barber,
And I get my hair cut,
When I get back home,
It’s all tangled up,
Well, if you wanta know
Just how I feel,
I feel like a pulling
On a pussy cat’s tail.

My Mommy and my Daddy,
Wrote down my song,
So, if it sounds awful funny,
If it sounds all wrong,
I sung it nice and pretty
When I made it up
But they wrote it down crooked
And it’s all scrabbled up.

Writer/s: Woody Guthrie, The Klezmatics

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