Mallu Magalhães

Angelina, Angelina

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Oh Angelina, Angelina was a friend of mine
She used to listen to my chords and ripple: "Heaven seems fine"

Oh, Angelina, they said you are just a bag which matches shoes
But you are the one who listens to my claiming blues

Oh, Angelina, Angelina was always by my side,
She can take mountains they would call too wide

Not too wide for Angelina cause she never criticize my acts
No, not my Angelina, she'll never analyze the facts

Oh, Angelina, she keeps the most secret colors,
But she won't give anyone my zero dot fifty dollars

And if I need something, I can count on Angelina's mind
Cause inside her there is always what I wanna find

Oh, Angelina, she carries things behind my back
And she doesn't claim my harmonicas are out of whack.

Writer/s: Mallu Magalhães

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