King Los

Angel In A New Dress

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So glad you took this time to listen man I'm more than grateful
I dedicate my everything to ya'll, I'm over-faithful
In the world where everyone that love you, grow to hate you
My motive ain't never to knock you it's to motivate you
Damn, momma I love you and your glow is graceful
Notice I had to shout-you-out on something slow and tasteful
For my girl, I miss every minute I don't embrace you
You better not never leave a nigga, how I'm gonna replace you?
To my ballers getting money, thinking dough will make you
Chasing them hoes, just get your paper and them hoes will chase you
Don't ever mention me with niggas I don't relate to
I'm so driven boy, if you listening my flow'll take you
You heard Los on 'Freedom of Speech', I think he going racial
Never that I'm just dropping knowledge, tryna flow-icate you
So in the midst of your troubles just keep going straight thru
You going straight, keep your chin up don't let opponents break you
And I give glory to God because I know what it takes to
For him to show a breakthrough you got to show him faith too
So I be more than faithful even though no one's label wants to sign you,
Unless it's a show that can go on cable

Uh, get off my dick hater, quit that old girl shit
City on my back, flip it till it some whole world shit
Now all the fly ladies screaming 'you go boy'
All the backpackers screaming 'we seen you on 2dopeboyz'
Damn no way that Nas ain't sign you yet
You ain't pressing the vinyls going viral yet
Yea huh, Guess how I spiral that, I can do all things through Christ
Homie you ain't read the bible yet?
Now where all my rivals at, let's kick this disrespect off,
My flow move mountains, and ya'll niggas need to step off
Like my step dad when he stepped and I was left off the right track,
But then I came right back and never stepped off
I'm just talking, I ain't even rapping
Tell you what, let's pretend this shit ain't even happen
I take these niggas for a joke and I ain't even laughing
So if I'm reaching for this pound, I ain't even dapping
Fuck sleep I ain't even napping
This shit was more like poetry but I ain't even snapping
If my past couldn't stop me what could?
The crown ain't safe in the hood, what's good