Yusuf Islam

Angel Of War

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O angel of war! What am I fighting for?
If death comes tomorrow inform me before, inform me before
O young soldier boy! Ill tell you what I know,
If peace is your wish, to battle
You must go, to battle you must go
O angel of war! Please make it clear to me,
Which is my side, and who is my enemy?
And who is my enemy?

O young soldier boy! The world is open wide,
So look to wherever, the truth is
Forced to hide, the truth is forced to hide
O angel of war! Within myself I see
Battle has started, what will become
Of me? What will become of me?
O young soldier boy! You're wiser than you seem,
Look into your heart, and keep your motives
Clean, and keep your motives clean

O angel of war! What weapons do I need?
Lest I may perish, that I may succeed, that I may succeed
O young soldier boy! If you protect the poor,
Let truth be your armour, and justice
Be your sword, and justice be your sword
O angel of war! What makes me want to fight?
I sometimes feel hatred, is it
Wrong or right? Is it wrong or right?

O young soldier boy! The war you wage
If it's for your ego, it will die in rage, it will die in rage
O angel of war! How can I tell for sure,
Pride's not its reason that I'm fighting for, that I'm fighting for
O young soldier boy! That's something I can't tell,
God knows you reason and you

Should know as well, and you should know as well
O angel of war! When I look at me,
I'm fearful to confess, the enemy I see, the enemy I see
O young soldier boy! Now you can go your war,
I'll see you tomorrow, a boy you'll
Be no more, a boy you'll be no more