Angel Voice (translation)

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If you strain your ears, you can probably hear it
Hey that voice
I always feel something
That can't be put into words
That's an angel's voice

It leaves an echo
Like a melody fading into the darkness
It quietly descends in a deep blue aurora
I also sing

There's something i believe
Though i'm called a fool for it
The dream i had that day hasn't changed

Angel voice i found it
It was shining beyond the horizon
Your appearance wasn't a dream
It flows and flows on
Let's meet again
When i close my eyes
It's always in my heart, that angel voice

The heart changes, just like the scenery
It can't be helped
"where is god?" is a whimsical question
So don't count on getting an answer

Let's go on running
It's not yet time to stop
I wanna get past the dark

Angel voice i felt it
The distant beat of the heart joins the rhythm
At last we can meet here
Your appearance
Burns into my eyes
Even in a heavy night
It certainly gives me strength angel voice

Wow oh oh wow oh oh ....

Strain your ears, don't you hear it always?
Hey that voice
That's an angel's voice

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