Of Montreal

An Introduction for Isabell

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I'd like to lntroduce you now to Isabell lam
Present owner of the Edward lam wax museum
Daughter of the comedic duo Dorothy and Edward.
Do you remember them?
They accomplished mild success on the stages
Of the vaudeville theatres in Blackpool
And in London that was before the advent of Hollywood.

When vaudeville died
And people stopped going to see them
So they took out a loan
And built a big wax museum
Inside of an old aban- dened vaudeville theatre.

It was about this time
That Dorothy gave birth to their only child
And named her Isabell
And from that day they were so happy and gay.

Momma, papa and their sweet
And thoughtful treasured fair haired angel baby girl.

Eventually a half a century passes we see
Edward in a wheel chair Dorothy in granny glasses
And Isabell the proud proprietor of the wax museam.

Wax Museum.
Isabell would you like to tell
About the bell hidden inside your name.

Does it ring every time someone calle out Isabell?
Do you hear it when you run?
If it broke they'd yell out "Isa" instead of Isabell until you fixed your bell

Writer/s: Kevin Barnes

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