Sawyer Brown

Another Side

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We came out from Sheffield and they put us on the line
You could smell the powder burning and man it hurt my eyes
They knew them boys were tired and weak
We were fresh and we were strong
We could not what to blast away and make our presence known
Every time I took my aim and got one in my sight
In my heart I knew the way and this way was not right

I guess my daddy would be proud but my mama she's ashamed
And I know deep down we need a change
Them Northern boys are friends of mine
But I've got my Southern pride
I'm standing here a fighting wishing there was another side

We burned each others crops and fields
And took the very best
We fought are we back and forth and they puts us to the test
I know that some things are wrong
But what gave them the right
To point their righteous fingers and expect us not to fight
We all cried on the night they burned Atlanta down
How much more can we take and still stand our ground


In four years the smoke had cleared
And I went back to the farm
Little brother met me at the bridge and he held out his arms
He was thin and weak and wounded and dressed in Yankee blue
Well I cried and I held him and together we both knew
If it could be done other there would be a better way
Still one family and one nation oh but what a price we pay

I'm wishing there was another side
Wishing there was other side

Writer/s: Mark Miller

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