Hank Snow

Answer to Blue Velvet Band

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Well howdy boys, howdy man
Man, it sure seems like a long time since I last rode down this old trail.
How ya'all anyhow?
Fellas, you see, I still have this old cigar box with me. Yes Sir!
And better yet, all the boys out here at the R.K. Ranch are singin'
a new song now.
Hope you like it because it's my answer to the Blue Velvet Band.
It goes like this:

By and old willow tree in the churchyard
On the banks of the old Rio Grande
Lies a loved one who died broken hearted
She was known as the Blue Velvet Band.

She was called by the angels up yonder
As the dew kissed the pale summer rose
As we stood there in silence, dishearted
These words to her lover did go.

Dear Jack, you mistrusted your darling
You said that my love wasn't true
You've roamed o'er the wide open spaces
But my thoughts, they were always of you.

Now, my last wish was once more to see you
But they say you're in some foreign land
You're forgiveness is in this last message
From your heartbroken Blue Velvet Band.

Far away o'er the lone western prairie
Her message sped fast o'er the way
To the side of a bed where her cowboy
Was grieving his life fast away.

Please grant a last wish boys,
And lay me out West on that old Rio Grande
'Neath that old willow tree in the churchyard
By my sweetheart, the Blue Velvet Band...

Writer/s: Hank Snow

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