Hank Snow

Answer to Little Blossom

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Oh dear, I'm so sad and heart broken
Waiting in my prison cell
To be trialed for the death of sweet blossom
My baby, that I loved so well.

Last night as I drank in the barroom
Through the front door my little girl came
I watched as she slowly approached me
And trembled as she spoke my name.

My mind was wounded from drinking
As I looked on her face sweet and fair
I thought that a demon approached me
For I strucked her down with my chair.

In a flash with my reason returning
In pride I looked down at my feet
And saw not the form of a demon
But my little blossom so sweet.

I gathered her close to my bossom
Her life was fast fading away
Dear God, I have murdered my baby
And now with my life I must pay.

I'm thinking tonight of that June day
I walked down the aisle with my bride
When I promised to love and protect her
She then was my joy and my pride.

But soon I had started to drinking
And now I've brought death to our home
Oh, why must the innocent suffer
And then reap just what they have sown.

I pray to my Maker in Glory
For this deed I might be forgiven
And I hope that the circle I've broken
Will soon be mattered in heaven...

Writer/s: Jörgen Elofsson

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