Destiny's End

A Passing Phase

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Fall in to place a splinter in the arrow
We shift and change we grow
Yet still we are but a speck of dust

End of evolution a singular future awaits
Reverse, contract, collapse
And then return to the cosmic egg

We can't explain nor understand
We invent the grandest schemes
It doesn't judge, does not punish
We can't accept that it just is

Free wills or scripted tomorrows
Universe of infinite sorrow
The end gives birth to the past
Answers but questions escape us

A passing phase, presence ends

This life is all I see
In blindness of the memory
I move like light through the sky

I see the future passing by
Lips move with nothing else to say
As all I knew just fades away
Soon there's a new seed formed
I watch as all that was is reborn

Years tick by an end this cosmic drama
Melting away as the cycle begins again-identical

Writer/s: Dan DeLucie

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