Aquatic Race

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[Historian] our world is ruined
[Captain] no turning back
[Historian] their fate is cruel
[Captain] their future black
[Historian] last day is here
[Captain] they lost all power
[Historian] the end is near
[Captain] it’s zero hour
[Historian] our time is short
[Captain] we need to leave
[Historian] we’re all aboard
[Captain] we’re all complete
[Historian] all set to go
[Captain] switch engines on
[Historian] set your controls
[Captain] we leave at dawn

[Opposition leader]
This time we won’t depend on cold machinery
I always knew where that would lead
This time we plan ahead and form our strategy
No computers, no machines

Hibernation now begins, our minds allowed to dream
Eternity will course through our veins
Transformation will set in, the source is flowing free
Augmenting our brains, forever... Forever!

[Historian] our final chance
[Captain] our final leap
[Historian] we’ll be in trance
[Captain] we’ll be asleep
[Historian] what will we dream
[Captain] will it seem real
[Historian] what will we see
[Captain] how will we feel

I say we change our ways and learn from the past
We cannot make the same mistakes
I say we start today, this chance may be our last
Our people’s futures are at stake

Rejuvenation will begin, our thoughts allowed to stray
Infinity will liberate our minds
Immortality sets in, wash our fears away
Leave all our doubts behind, forever

Let the fluid in, wash away
Immerse yourself into this realm of liquid dreams
Everlasting life, drown away your past
Allow yourself to drift beyond the bounds of death and reach out for infinity

[Biologist] get ready for takeoff
[Astronomer] and forget the ‘frame
[Biologist] get ready to shake off
[Astronomer] all the guilty chains
[Biologist] our ship is departing
[Astronomer] to a far-off place
[Biologist] our saga is starting
[Astronomer] an aquatic race

[Ship’s crew]
Get ready for takeoff and forget the ‘frame
Get ready to shake off all the guilty chains
Our ship is departing to a far-off place
Our saga is starting, an aquatic race

Embrace our future home beneath the tides
Soon we will be one with our new ocean world
Time without an end, life without a care
Allow yourself to sail beyond the fringe of time and reach out for eternity