The Four Tops

Are You Man Enough

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There's not a street that you can walk
You've got to watch just who you're talking to
They're out to get you
Can't turn your back on a smiling face
Next thing you know, there ain't no trace of you
And this I bet you
Some people lose and some folks win
It's a matter of what they do

Are you man enough?
Big and bad enough?
Are you gonna let 'em shoot your down?
When the evil flies and your brother cries
Are you gonna be around?
Someone needs a friend
Just around the bin
Don't you think you should be there?
Are you man enough
when the going's rough?
Is it in your heart to care?

There's not pretending it goes away
With every step that you take you pay your dues
And I ain't lying
You got to struggle to see the light
Cause someone's looking to steal your right to choose
And they don't stop trying
It's like a jungle outside the door
And it's keeping you so confused


Gotta keep your eye on the passersby
Better watch your step!
Cause you never know when the knife will go
And they ain't missed yet
The strong survive
They stay alive
They're always cool
But that they never teach you in school

[Chorus: Repeat x2]

Writer/s: Brian Potter / Dennis Lambert

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