Army of Broken Hearts

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Drowned in the sea of deceitful lies
Made my religion from your eyes
Possessed by the sirens' song ( whispering ):
" The bed of razors is waiting for you "

The only thing you can give me is sorrow
Wou will bathe in my tears tomorrow
The voices screaming " No " in my head
I'm still longing for your bed

If i close my eyes and let your ruin my heart
Will it hold the suffocating pain?
If i close my eyes and let you tear up these scars
Is it the only way you can feel alive?

Wearing the mask of eternal gloom
Tell me what has made you so cruel
Share with me all the grief in your life
And i can give you endless love

Maybe i hurts me, maybe it kills me
Maybe it drowns me but i just want to try
To join your army of broken hearts

Because i want you to feel devotion that is real
You need to unleash all the hate
And pain that is bringing you down...

Writer/s: Reflexion