Lucky 7

Around The World Isn't Too Far

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I know you never thought I'd go
& leave you here alone
december air is gone forever
i'm missin us together
so now the road will catch my tears
and hold me in its arms
teaches me to be without you
teaches me to miss you
there's been nothing worse then this drive
I see your eyes as the stars in the sky
so many words bein left unsaid
this pain is startin to fall behind
can you see me through your window
have your father clean the glass
distance never seem to hurt you
it always seemed to follow you
and all of the things i wanted to say
it's all been said until i see you again
these pages can't hold my thoughts of your head
& the tears that i cried will be falling again
this car seems to be going the opposite way
of the highway i take to see you again
these cities don't welcome a broken down man
nothing beats the comfort of your bed
speed of time these days go by so slowly
the road home is never ending
slow down time i'll savor the comfort of her arms
and the loves she shows with her eyes
i'm missin you i'm missin you i'm missin you