Marie Fredriksson

Bad Moon

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I read the news today
Felt like nothing to believe in
The time, oh, the time is just cruel
Outside my window
I see The Bad moon

I fell asleep with the tears
Taste of tears feels kind of safe
Maybe time, time will change
But right now, I just feel like...

I don't wanna know a night like this
The Bad Moon is shining over me
Don't wanna feel like a lonely lover
My lover feels no longer for real

I called my mother tonight
She's still OK
After all she's been through
But her voice was kind of sad
She said I've changed

I don't wanna know a night like this...

You know I love you, someday I will
I will know you always
I don't blame you
Only The Bad Moon

Writer/s: Marie Fredriksson

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