Emily's Army


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I used to love Barry Bonds
Take one swing and it's gone
But as time went by and he grow in size
As well my respect level slowly dropped

I like Euro M.L.S
Their playing level is the best
But all they acting lying
Bullshit and crying
Remind me what I detest

They come on scene
And show their white horse
And their squeaky clean self
They'd best watch out of medias
Social guillotine, yeah

You can cheat you can lie
You can win or not try
But you can't be a good guy on sports
All the pills, thrills and attemped kills
Make a hero's date in court

I really like Tiger Woods,
He's all well and good
He's clean, lean, a golf machine
But in the end he's just another horny bloke

I like Allen Iverson
Short, cornrowed and fun
But he find his wife messin' with another guy
And they found him near the guy with a gun

Asslete, that's what you are
Killing all the kids on your fancy car

Asslete, that's what you are
Running over the kids on your fancy car