Simon Says

As The River Runs

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Still the water is to share
For all
But no one's ever there

I'll take my moments
Cherish them like gold
Give life to living
Promises to hold

Never seem to pass us by
The rivers running dry
They're running dry

I'll bear your burden
For a little while
Give life to loving
If I find the time

I walk the long forgotten halls
Inscriptions on the walls
Here where once was power
Now in ruins lies the tower
It's stone could not withstand
The mighty test of time

I walk the ancient village street
A place where we should meet
Now a dump just where the trash is
All the houses burnt to ashes
Predestined future treasures in a fossil shrine

I float on the river
And I hear it whispering my name
The endless journey runs
Onward to the sea
I float on time's stream
And I see all things vanish
What is now and what was meant to be

I float on the river
And I hear it calling our names
The final day has come
Cried the Willow Tree
I float on time's stream
And I see how it's fading
As it runs across the edge of the sea